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When is the best time to fly to Bastia?

Bastia is a great destination for travellers throughout the year. Like many other port cities in this part of the world, Bastia is hot and humid – but it manages to remain pleasant from May to September, which is the peak season for tourists. As well as an increase in visitors taking flights to Bastia during these months, cruise ships also take to the waters surrounding the city, which results in larger crowds so reservations for hotels and attractions should be made in advance.

October and November offer mild temperatures, but fierce winds deter visitors – especially those looking to enjoy Bastia’s water activities. However, these months are best for travellers who are looking for deals and discounts.

While cold, December and January are not so intense that visitors cannot still enjoy themselves in Bastia. These colder months also offer lower rates at local hotels, cheaper flights and fewer crowds at the top attractions. Light showers and moderate temperatures dominate from February through April, a shoulder season that is still cheaper for travellers than the months of May through September.

Bastia overview

Located in the northern area of the island of Corsica, Bastia is a French city known for its authentic Corsica experience. This old port town presents a blend of ancient and modern architecture, and more than 700 years of history makes it a popular holiday destination for tourists wanting to dig into the true soul of the island.

One of the main reasons for taking a flight to Bastia is that it is bursting with museums and monuments.

The Musee de Bastia is one of the most visited places in town. The museum carries a selection of wonders highlighting the local art, history, geography and tradition over the centuries. Meanwhile, the Corsica Museum of Ethnography, housed in what was once the governor’s palace, is another centre of attraction for Bastia visitors. The museum highlights folk traditions and contemporary arts, and on the lower levels, visitors can tour old jail cells beneath the palace.

Oratoire de la Confrerie de Sainte Croix, which dates back to the 15th century, is another popular attraction to enjoy while visiting Bastia. The historic church and its eye-catching bell tower can be seen throughout the new port and provides a great view of the old port. Back on the streets, visitors will find that new and old worlds stand side by side in Bastia, offering distinctly different takes on Corsican life. The newer side of town boasts colourful and luxurious resorts complete with fun water activities, while the old city remains home to remnants of Corsica’s past.

Getting around Bastia

The local bus system is the most popular transportation option to get around the city. The bus service covers almost all the prominent destinations in Bastia. Visitors can get information about bus routes and schedules from the tourist office at the airport or Place St. Nicolas.

Getting from the Airport to the City

Bastia Poretta Airport (BIA) is in the town of Lucciana, about 10.5 miles (17 km) southeast of the city. After a flight to Bastia, visitors can take a bus, taxi or train to reach the city.

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