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Most visitors choose to book flights to Bergerac in the summer months from June through to August, when temperatures are typically at their highest. Because of this, it is sometimes harder to find cheap flights to Bergerac at this time. Occasionally the town hosts concerts and street parties in the summer which are definitely worth a visit if you would like to experience more of the region’s enthralling culture.

Book flights to Bergerac towards the end of the year in December and you'll find a charming Christmas Market to get you into the festive spirit. This delightful market offers high quality goods such as pottery, jewellery, wooden toys and gifts from over 50 craftsmen.

City overview

Famous for its fine wine and picturesque scenery, Bergerac is a historic town located in western France in the Périgord Dordogne region. Those taking a flight to Bergerac can expect an appealing blend of Renaissance architecture and unspoilt views of the Dordogne - reputed to be France's most beautiful river. It is certainly worth looking for a cheap flight to Bergerac to enjoy a trip down the Dordogne aboard a traditional gabare (known in English as a sailing scow), or simply head down to the riverbank for a peaceful walk at dawn or dusk. Visitors are often struck by how picturesque the town is; with a natural beauty that no photograph can truly capture. The ideal spot for some rest and relaxation, this beautiful town is a haven for those looking to unwind. Whether you intend to take a stroll through the rolling countryside or watch the world go by from a coffee shop in one of the cobbled squares, you're sure to fall in love with how much character and charm Bergerac has to offer. The town square known as Place de la Mirpe draws you into its historic charm with its carefully preserved timbered houses and quaint little shops selling gifts and artwork. For those drawn to this region for its award-winning wines, a trip to La Maison de Vins de Bergerac may also be to your taste. Here you will find a permanent exhibition covering the history of Bergerac wine called 'Wine is Travel', with a tasting session of some of these wines to conclude your visit. When the time comes to replenish your energy with some local cuisine you will find a multitude of authentic cafes and restaurants ideal for sampling some French specialities - not forgetting of course a fine selection of regional wines! Food enthusiasts will no doubt also want to explore the bustling market stalls specialising in local, often organic produce that will whet any appetite.

Getting around Bergerac

Those looking for an intimate experience of the town will be pleased to hear that Bergerac can be explored fully on foot. The cobbled streets and beautiful riverbanks are in fact best appreciated this way. Since there is no public transportation you may wish to consider taking taxis if you decide to venture further out of town.

Getting downtown

The Bergerac Dordogne Périgord Airport (EGC) is located around 1.8 miles (3 km) from the city. Once you alight from your flight to Bergerac, there will be fleets of taxis and various car rental companies available at the airport.

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