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When is the best time to book a flight to Bordeaux?

Peak season:

Bordeaux benefits from multiple busy periods but it also means cheap flights to Bordeaux are harder to come by. Christmas and New Years’ are popular, as are February to March and July to the end of August. School holidays also see an influx of tourists so make sure you plan in advance and book your flight tickets early on. The Bordeaux Wine Festival takes place in June and is a great event to attend if you are around, again flights to Bordeaux won’t be easy to find so book in advance for savings. The Nuit des Musees happens in May and is a great event for people who like culture and heritage. Book your flights for this and you’ll find many of the museums are available free of charge, making them a great visit for family days out.

Off season:

The winter months of late November to early February are when tourism is at its lowest. With the exception of Christmas, you’ll be able to find cheap flights to Bordeaux as well as discounts on accommodation too. Make sure to pack for colder weather though as the temperatures do drop a bit. The nearest ski resort is around 250km away so don’t expect a winter escape to the slopes.

When is the best time to book a flight to Bordeaux?

Book your flights to Bordeaux a couple of months in advance, or even earlier if it’s during the peak months or around a festival. If you secure your flight tickets early enough you can grab absolute bargains. Off season prices are more reasonable and you have a better chance of getting deals, but if you plan ahead the summer can be done cheaply. Being flexible will allow you to find the cheapest flights to Bordeaux, with some times of the year being as little as £19 per person. It all varies and depends when you look and how far in advance you book though.

How long is the flight to Bordeaux?

Flights from London to Bordeaux: 1 hour 35 minutes

Flights from Manchester to Bordeaux: 3 hours 55 minutes

Flights from Aberdeen to Bordeaux: 3 hours 35 minutes

Flights from Glasgow to Bordeaux: 4 hours 40 minutes

Which airlines operate flights to Bordeaux?

British Airways and KLM operate flights to Bordeaux although easyJet is the primary airline along with Air France. You’ll find easyJet offer the cheapest flights to Bordeaux as they are a budget airline who provide cheaper flight tickets than a lot of the more mainstream airlines. That said, some budget airlines to add on a hefty fee for checked in baggage so you should take that into consideration when booking. British Airways have the added bonus of providing complimentary snacks and beverages onboard their flights to you could take advantage of that if the price of their flight tickets isn’t too much.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?

The easiest way to get into the city is via a bus. There are no train services from the airport although you can get a bus to the train station. Liane 1 is the public bus you will want to get and it runs regularly every day and costs around 1 euro 50 per ticket. The only other option other than hiring a car is to jump into a taxi from outside of the airport. This is a quicker option but also a lot more expensive. If you have a lot of baggage though or if there are a few of you to split the fare, a taxi can be a good option to consider. It’s also worth checking to see if your hotel provides transfers as this will save you money and give you peace of mind after your flights to Bordeaux.

Bordeaux insider information

Wine lovers will love Bordeaux and for good reason. Bordeaux makes the list of the top holiday destinations for wine!

Learn everything you need to know about the airport before your flights to Bordeaux with this handy airport guide.

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How much do things cost in Bordeaux?

One-way ticket (local transport)
₦ 664.05
1 hour taxi waiting fee
₦ 19921.51
Taxi - fixed fee
₦ 3541.60
1 km taxi journey
₦ 553.38
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 litre)
₦ 1173.16
Meal at McDonald's or similar
₦ 3541.60
Local draught beer (0.5 litre)
₦ 2434.85
Cheap meal
₦ 5755.10
Pack of Marlboro cigarettes
₦ 3320.25
Bottle of beer (imported beer)
₦ 811.62
Bottle of wine
₦ 2434.85
A dozen eggs
₦ 981.32
Clothing & Shoes
Pair of Nike shoes
₦ 41050.39
Pair of jeans
₦ 39601.55
How much does an apartment cost in Bordeaux?
3 bedroom apartment outside of centre
₦ 420565
3 bedroom apartment in city centre
₦ 537277
1 bedroom apartment in city centre
₦ 259816
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre
₦ 212496

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