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When is the best time to fly to Cadiz?

In general, Cadiz experiences warm weather. The hottest months are July and August, but visitors can also enjoy sunbathing and swimming from May to October and will be able to take advantage of cheap flights to Cadiz during these months. The temperature often hovers around 26 C during this time. December and January are the coldest months in Cadiz; the temperature stays around 11 C.

The months of June through September typically see the most tourists flock on flights to Cadiz when the warmest weather sets in, though it can get very hot in July and August.

Cadiz’s off season runs from about December through March, with influxes of visitors on flights to Cadiz during key events, such as the Carnival of Cadiz, which usually takes place in February or March. May and October are good times to visit as the weather is still warm but the crowds are a little smaller.

Cadiz overview

The port city of Cadiz in southwestern Spain sits along the Costa de la Luz - the coast of light. Visitors to Cadiz will discover an ancient city - Western Europe's oldest continuously inhabited city - founded by the Phoenicians around 1100 BC. Cadiz has a strong maritime tradition: Christopher Columbus and other explorers sailed out of here on their voyages, and Sir Francis Drake raided the city in 1587. Cadiz is often linked with the Battle of Trafalgar, named after the cape just to the south.

Cadiz is a city of two towns - the old and the new. The old town is full of narrow streets, flower-bedecked balconies and cobble stone streets, while the new town features plenty of shops and modern apartment blocks. The restaurants and bars here are first-rate, serving excellent tapas and robust wines. One of the most remarkable landmarks in the city is the golden-domed Cadiz Cathedral. There is also a watchtower, the Torre Tavira, with a camera obscura, which offers panoramic views of the city reflected on the walls.

Getting around Cadiz

Cadiz’s old town features plenty of winding, narrow streets, many of which are easily walkable, but fairly difficult to drive on. The streets of the new town are wider and easier for cars to navigate. Taxis are a good transportation option, especially when traveling from new town to old town as parking can be difficult. Buses are also available for visitors.

Getting from the Airport to the City

Flights to Cadiz are served by Jerez Airport (XRY) which is located 6 miles north of Jerez de la Frontera. There a buses and trains travelling to Cadiz from the airport. Taxi and car rental are also available.

Cadiz insider information

  • Join in one of Europe’s biggest carnivals in late February or early March when Cadiz gets into party mode and fancy dress. The event features plenty of dancing, drinking, and singers satirizing celebrities, politicians and fashion.
  • Cadiz was reportedly founded by Hercules and is Europe’s oldest city. It is home to the largest cathedral in Spain, which has a distinctive yellow dome.
  • Wander down by the waterfront and look at the well-tended garden and squares before heading into the old town to try the local sherry: Fino is a light aperitif, amontillado has a stronger flavour, and oloroso is full-bodied. Nearby Jerez de la Frontera is the sherry-producing centre of Spain.

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