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When is the best time to fly to Columbus?

Peak Season 

The best time to book flights to Columbus is undoubtedly during the summer. Warm temperatures and infrequent rain showers, make for the perfect weather conditions for exploring the city on foot. No one can resist a sunny day and summer is full of them, with temperatures on average 15-26°C, although it can even reach the low 30s. Make sure you pack light clothing, grab your sunglasses and hit the road.

The city can be a great location to celebrate Independence Day. Book a flight to Columbus during July, to enjoy the annual Red, White and Boom! event, hosted in the city centre. Held on the 3rd of July (so as not to interfere with events on the 4th July), the festivities include concerts, a parade and Ohio’s largest fireworks display, followed by an official after party.

Off-peak Season 

Winter here isn’t exactly nasty, or particularly stormy, but it’s nothing to write home about. Temperatures plummet to below freezing while drizzle and rainfall are consistent throughout this period. There is also an increase in snowfall, particularly in December, January and February. If you’re a budget traveller then this can be the ideal time to look for cheap flights to Columbus, as this period is usually less popular with tourists.

Columbus overview

This Midwestern gem of a city is worth a go. When you book a holiday in Columbus, you’re getting much more than railroads and the Eerie Canal (although you get those too, don’t worry). This town, once a shipping port, is now full of arts, sports, leisure, education, and shopping. 

Incorporated in 1816, Columbus started out as an industrial town. With more than 200 of these industrial establishments pumping, the area became fluent in business, and German immigrants with business plans began to set up shop as brewers. A hundred years passed this way, with more and more business constantly fitting inside the city’s boundaries, so in the 1980s, it was begging for a little renovation. Now, the Arena District exists as a mixed-use planned urban environment with restaurants, hotels, shops, and offices. New brick buildings now stand where old warehouses once did. Some of the old industrial architecture still stands, adding historical flavour to the fresh look of new Columbus.

Columbus climate

When you travel to Columbus, expect the typical Midwest seasonal pattern. The climate here is strongly affected by Lake Eerie, and gets great heat waves in the summers. Winters are much milder than other northern cities, so while you should pack warm clothing, there’s no need to worry about harsh or dangerous snow storms. Spring and autumn months are mild and sunny, with occasional rain showers.

Getting around Columbus

Columbus doesn’t have much public transport, but it’s very easy to get around by car. You can rent a car at one of the companies at the airport. Most hotels provide transport from the airport. Taxis are freely available.  

Local Airport

Port Columbus International Airport (CMH) is 6 miles east of the city centre.

Columbus insider information

Columbus Museum of Art: While you might not find a village-y Soho scene when you arrive in Columbus, you can breathe easy knowing that artistic culture does live here, you just need to look for it a little. The Columbus Museum of Art boasts a wide collection of impressionists, cubists, modernists, and contemporary artists from North America and Europe such as Degas, Monet, Matisse, Picasso, Hopper and O’Keeffe. When you’re done here, stroll over to the Russell Page Sculpture Garden, or the Ross Photography Centre to get more a specialised experience.

Jack Nicklaus Museum: If you’re not packing golf clubs on your flight to Columbus, don’t worry, you can still fit a little love for the game in on your trip. Golfer, golf course designer and Columbus native, Jack Nicklaus is honoured at the (aptly named) Jack Nicklaus Museum. Interactive exhibits are fun and interesting, and an impressive collection of memorabilia chronicles his playing career highlights. Actor and legend Sean Connery narrates some of the audio tour.

King Arts Complex: In memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, the King Arts Complex exists to aid cultural and educational programmes. Three performance areas, two dance studios, an art gallery, and three interactive arcades work together to make an open area for learning. As you stroll through the complex, keep in mind that legend Duke Ellington played here in 1925, when it was a nightclub called the Pythian Temple.

Columbus Alive Magazine: If you’re planning a flight to Columbus for a business trip, and ache to shake that four-hour meeting you just came from, then pick up Columbus Alive Magazine, which will tell you where to find the reddest Shiraz, the tallest burgers, and the best dressed establishments in town. Specialising in nightlife, music, arts, and local celebrity interviews, this little publication is the key to your post-briefcase blues. 

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Large bottle of water
₦ 707.61
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₦ 2344.79
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₦ 701.05
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Petrol (1 litre)
₦ 224
One-way ticket (local transport)
₦ 716
Taxi - fixed fee
₦ 1074
1 km taxi journey
₦ 584

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