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Goa overview

Goa International Airport is the major gateway for the state of Goa on India’s western coast. A tourist magnet, it is renowned for its spectacular beaches, world-heritage architecture and temples.

Although small, there are between 30 and 40 daily flights to Goa International Airport, with most flights arriving in the afternoons from elsewhere in India. International flights are sporadic and mostly seasonal.

There are two terminals. The domestic terminal was constructed in the early 1980s and the international in the mid-1990s and both are managed as public works. There's a basic selection of shops and eateries, although be prepared for minimal facilities and long queues at peak times. The good news is that a new integrated terminal is under construction, which, when complete, should help ease congestion.

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How much do things cost in Goa?

Coke/Pepsi (0.33 litre)
₦ 163.70
₦ 482.99
3 course meal for 2
₦ 5559.61
Clothing & Shoes
Pair of jeans
₦ 12957.73
Pair of Nike shoes
₦ 19226.97
1 km taxi journey
₦ 138.99
One-way ticket (local transport)
₦ 111.19
Taxi - fixed fee
₦ 555.96
Petrol (1 litre)
₦ 337.75
Bottle of wine
₦ 3335.76
Large bottle of water
₦ 166.79
A dozen eggs
₦ 365.35
How much does a beer cost in Goa?
Imported beer (0.33 litre)
₦ 528
Local draught beer (0.5 litre)
₦ 334
Bottle of local beer (0.5 litre)
₦ 322
Bottle of beer (imported beer)
₦ 658

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