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When is the best time to fly to La Rochelle?

La Rochelle is warm and sunny in the summer with mild weather in winters. Due to the Gulf Stream, temperatures are much warmer than they would generally be at this latitude. Rain falls throughout the year but average at about 700 mm each year. Most rain falls during late autumn and early winter. The summers are the best time to book flights to La Rochelle as they nice and warm and run from June through to September, with July and August being the hottest months in the city. The average temperature at this time is 20 degrees. About nine hours of sunshine is the norm in La Rochelle.

The winter months are the off-peak season in the region, with the summer months of July to August being the busiest time of the year. Summer is also the most expensive time in the city as is the festive season holiday, Francofolies, school holidays and festival months. June and September have average temperatures of 17 to 18 degrees and are a good time to visit if you want to find cheap flights to La Rochelle and avoid the peak season crowds. Hotel rates and airfare will also be a lot cheaper at this time. Winters can be cold and this is when you are most likely to find the cheapest rates available.

City overview

Highly recommended as a travel destination, La Rochelle offers a chance to visit a charming port, once popular with painters for its beautiful scenery and quality of light. La Rochelle is also the home of the annual music festival, Les Francofolies, held in the middle of July which attracts music buffs and enthusiasts on flights to La Rochelle from all over the world. Cyclists will love this town, as it has declared the bicycle better than the car as a means of transport. The Lantern Tower is a popular landmark to visit and is a medieval lighthouse dating back to 1445. It is the only one of its kind still standing on the Atlantic coastline. The city's most famous landmark, The Three Towers are defensive towers which were once a part of the town's essential protection against invasion.

Châtelaillon-Plage is a beach resort located about 7.5 miles (12 km) from the city. This is a great place for families to relax, play, ride bikes or just soak up the views and ocean activities. Mini-golf, croquet and some casino dabbling are also available. A visit to l'Ile de Ré is a great option during your stay. This island offers restaurants, shops, nature, vineyards and oyster farms for day tours off the beaten path. The aquarium is a must-visit attraction.

Getting around La Rochelle

Getting around the city centre is easy using the same public methods or private rental cars. Bicycles can also be used to sightsee or you can tour the city centre on foot.

Getting from the Airport to the City

Flights to La Rochelle are served by the Aéroport de La Rochelle-Ile de Ré (LRH). Transportation options from the airport include city buses, shuttle buses, rental cars, taxis and private and shared airport transfers.

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