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When is the best time to fly to Seychelles?

Peak season:

Seychelles is made up of one hundred and fifteen different islands, all idyllic and all a slice of paradise. Mahé, Praslin and La Digue are the three main islands which provide accommodation, and Mahé has the airport. The temperature is pleasant pretty much all year round and there are loads of things you can do on the other islands for day trips, as well as just relaxing on your own private beach. School holidays and the peak summer months of June to August are the most expensive times to find discounted flight tickets, so book in advance if you’re hoping to find cheap flights to Seychelles. April to October are perfect for swimming, snorkeling and other water activities as the sea can be as warm as 30 degrees and visibility is great. March and October see the Festival Kreol, a week-long celebration of Creole traditions.

Off season:

There isn’t much of an off season, although you’ll find the cheapest flights to Seychelles in January and February when there is less going on and fewer tourists are flocking to the islands.

When is the best time to book a flight to Seychelles?

January to April tend to offer the cheapest flights to Seychelles, but you’d have to make sure your flight tickets are secured well in advance. Try to book your flights to Seychelles three or four months before you want to travel, sometimes even earlier if you’re visiting during the peak months. The key to finding the cheapest flights to Seychelles is to be flexible with your dates. Flexibility offers you the chance to compare several airlines and times of the year to help you narrow down when flight tickets are at their cheapest. Due to the constant nice weather though and the real lack of a low season, expect to find it rather hard to find extremely cheap flights to Seychelles - regardless of how early you book or how flexible you are. Avoid sitting beside a wing as the views are spectacular as your flight approaches the islands. Either side of the plane should offer you ample viewing opportunity too, so as long as you avoid the wings you should get some fantastic photos.

How long is the flight to Seychelles?

Flights from London to Seychelles: 13 hours 20 minutes.

Flights from Manchester to Seychelles: 14 hours 35 minutes.

Flights from Birmingham to Seychelles: 13 hours 25 minutes.

Flights from Glasgow to Seychelles: 13 hours 30 minutes.

Which airlines operate flights to Seychelles?

There are several airlines that offer cheap flights to Seychelles, with the major ones being Sri Lankan, Ethiopian, Kenya Airlines and Etihad. Deciding which airline to fly with will usually come down to either your own preference or whoever provides the cheapest flights to Seychelles. Etihad will more often than not provide flight tickets at a higher cost, however you’ll also receive high-quality service and comfort onboard their aircrafts. It’s worth seeing if there are any free ‘air miles’ schemes you can join for whichever airline you decide to fly with, so you can earn some points for cheap flight tickets in the future.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?

The airport is around 11km away from the city centre and the cheapest way to make up the distance is via a bus. There is a bus service which runs from the main road just outside of the airport and runs pretty regularly, around every 30 minutes or so. You can expect to pay around £0.40 for the bus journey. Taxis are the other option; they are more expensive than the bus but still only equate to around £5.00 for the journey. If you ask your driver they might also give you a tour of the island too, which can be a nice adventure after arrive in Seychelles. There are no train services available so these are the two main transportation options you have to choose from.

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