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Cheap Flights to South America

South America overview

When is the best time to fly to South America?

Peak season:

It’s almost impossible to say what the peak season is in South America because of the different countries within the continent. Both Argentina and Brazil can be visited practically all-year round as the weather stays warm for most of the time. A lot of tourists do prefer to travel there during the peak season which starts around December and runs all the way through to March. The weather is at its hottest then and it can be humid. You will struggle to find cheap flights to South America between December and March so bear this in mind when you’re looking for flight tickets. Chile has climatic variations between the north and south parts of the country. You can generally visit the north of Chile at any point in the year and still enjoy warm weather. Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia all have two main seasons – wet and dry. Due to that the peak seasons for each country will vary.

Off season:

Similarly to the peak season, it can be very difficult to predict the off season for South America as a whole. To find the cheapest flights to South America then consider travelling to Argentina or Brazil between June and October. This is classed as the winter months but you can still expect warm weather. The south of Chile can see heavy snowfall from June to September which makes it easier to find cheap flights to South America although if you’re hoping for sunshine and beach weather it might be best to avoid.

When is the best time to book a flight to South America?

The most important thing is to make sure your flights to South America are booked as far ahead of time as possible. Cheap flights to South America are available throughout the year but obviously they vary from country to country. Aim to have your flight tickets secured at least five months before you want to travel or if you are visiting for a specific event such as the Carnival in Brazil, then the sooner you’ve secured accommodation and flight tickets the more money you will save. Ultimately you’ll want to narrow down where you want to travel and then start researching peak times, festivals and the climate. This will help you figure out when the best time to book a flight to South America is and allow you to save money where possible.

How long is the flight to South America?

Flights from London to Rio de Janeiro, South America: 11 hours 40 minutes.

Flights from Manchester to Buenos Aires, South America: 16 hours 25 minutes.

Flights from Birmingham to Lima, South America: 16 hours 00 minutes.

Flights from Glasgow to Santiago, South America: 20 hours 05 minutes.

Which airlines operate flights to South America?

Due to the continent covering many different countries you’ll find that a wide selection of airlines are available when searching for flights to South America. The first thing you’ll need to do is try and figure out where exactly you want to go, so work out which country appeals to you best. Once you’ve narrowed down your choice you can figure out which airlines are still available to you. To name a few, you’ll more than likely have British Airways, American, TAP Portugal, Iberia and Air France. You’ll also find that some cheap flights to South America are connecting so expect to combine a couple of airlines together. British Airways are also a good carrier to fly with thanks to their overall high standard of service, comfort and quality. They also provide complimentary snacks and drinks onboard the flight which can be very welcoming during a 15 hour flight. Narrow down your countries and then choose a couple of cities. From there you can compare the airlines available to see who offers you the best value for money.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?

Rio de Janeiro:

If you decide your flights to South America should take you to Rio de Janeiro then you’ll have a couple of options available to you to get into the city. There are many different bus routes available, with the most convenient being the BRT (Bus Rapid Transport). It’s a faster option as the buses are allowed to drive in designated lanes. There are 2 different BRT routes to choose from, the TransCarioca line and the TransCarioca Express. There are also many other regular bus options although due to the amount of different routes available you should discuss which bus number would be best for you once you arrive. There are also many different taxis you can consider and you can find designated stands to purchase your tickets from within the airport. Travel by taxi is generally safe but if you’re worried then when you’re booking your cheap flights to South America you can also pre-arrange transfers to collect you.

Buenos Aires:

From Buenos Aires there are both bus and taxi services available. The public buses only run from Terminal B. They aren’t expensive so if you want to save a bit of money then definitely opt for a public bus however the exact fare is needed so make sure you’ve got some change in local currency. If you are happy to pay more then consider taking a private bus. Manuel Tienda Leon is a private firm which runs from the airport every half an hour and they also provide transfers to hotels. Once you’ve booked your flights to South America it might be worth pre-arranging a transfer with them in advance. Taxis are your other option. There are many different taxi firms to choose from but try to avoid unofficial taxis unless you are familiar with the area and can speak Spanish fluently. Taxi Exeiza has a counter within the airport so to ensure you are safe it might be worth purchasing from them.


You can find booking desks to secure a taxi from the arrival Terminal and a taxi to the centre shouldn’t cost more than around £7.00. Before committing to the journey; make sure you agree the price in either PEN or “soles” as some taxi drivers will try to confuse you and then make out you agreed the fare in US dollars. Buses are also available but not from within the airport grounds. They stop on the main avenue which is about a 15 minute walk from the arrivals Terminal. Buses are incredibly cheap but if you have a lot of luggage then walking to the stop might be problematic.


The airport in Santiago is a little limited on options to get you into the city and the most convenient method is to via a taxi. After leaving customs you’ll see some counters representing different taxi firms. The price of your ticket won’t vary much between the different firms although you might be able to barter it down slightly. You’ll want to buy a flat-rate ticket from a counter of your choice and after paying you’ll be escorted through to the main lobby and to your driver. This makes taxi travel a lot safer as the system in place prevents people from getting into taxis that aren’t legitimate or official.

South America insider information

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How much do things cost in South America?

Sao Paulo
Large bottle of water
₦ 320.46
Pair of jeans
₦ 24374.72
Pack of Marlboro cigarettes
₦ 942.35
Loaf of white bread
₦ 660.17
Loaf of white bread
₦ 391.33
₦ 278.13
Cheap meal
₦ 1082.86
Local draught beer (0.5 litre)
₦ 252.67
Buenos Aires
Local draught beer (0.5 litre)
₦ 907.62
1 km taxi journey
₦ 251.41
Large bottle of water
₦ 418.89
Pair of jeans
₦ 30103.11
Pack of Marlboro cigarettes
₦ 1193.83
1 km taxi journey
₦ 555.27
Petrol (1 litre)
₦ 380.24
₦ 927.48

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